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scotland: big ask results in new climate change bill

Scotland: big askwhat happened?

The Scottish Government published their Climate Change Bill, which was significantly tougher than first published due to pressure from Friends of the Earth Scotland and other groups. The Bill includes all greenhouse gases, international aviation and shipping and annual targets. This is toughest climate bill yet to be introduced in Europe.

lessons learned

That there is everything to play for in toughening up this legislation. This was shown by the success of the Big Ask campaign which helped to secure world leading climate legislation at Westminster.

what next?

The Bill will become law sometime in the second half of 2009. We have every opportunity to toughen up the Bill further, and ensure that any loopholes are closed. To do this we will mobilize activists to lobby their MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament), committee members and ministers. We also have many events planned.

We aim to ensure that:

  1. The Bill includes targets not only on emission cuts, but on total amounts of emissions up until 2050. This will ensure that Scotland only emits a safe and fair amount. This also encourages the steep cuts which are urgently required over the next few years.
  2. We need a Climate Fund to ensure that decision makers have genuine incentives and sanctions to reduce emissions, rather than just targets.
  3. The vast majority of the cuts need to be made here in Scotland, not offset by buying credits from other countries.


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