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scotland: micropower audit website

In 2008, FoE Scotland launched a website called the Micropower Audit.
scotland: micropower auditIt allows householders to fill out a simple questionnaire, and then produces a report as to what micro-renewables might be suitable for their property. It also provides links to more information and funding.  


FoE Scotland produced the site to ease the confusion many people have about which micro-renewables would be work for them, and also to dispel some of the myths that have built up in this area. Thousands of people have visited the site since its launch.


The experience showed that it is always worth trying to spot a niche which isn't being well exploited. The site proved highly popular with media and blogs around the world, and Yahoo! placed it at the top of their Green Pages. We also found that, unlike many projects, a site like this can be produced relatively quickly. FoE Scotland will continue to develop interactive web resources, and work out ways to integrate them with recruiting members and campaign aims.


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