curaçao: antarctic expedition

After a strenuous but very instructive expedition to Antarctica, the three Curaçaoan participants, selected by Amigu di Tera (FoE Curaçao), have returned home safely. The expedition, led by the well-known polar explorer and environmental activist Robert Swan, spent 10 days in the Antarctic Peninsula area and the surrounding waters.

curaçao: antarctic expeditionExpedition participants from all over the world could witness the devastating effects of global warming in this most southern continent. At the educational centre (the E-base), which Robert Swan established last year in Bellinghausen, as well on board the ship, the participants attended workshops on climate change, renewable energy and leadership, (see The E-base was constructed with recycled materials and runs on wind and solar power.


The second part of the project involved awareness programs, especially for young people, on global warming and its effects both on the planet and locally. Participants were selected from a wider group of applicants called the Antarctica Team, or A-team. Together with Amigu di Tera, the entire A-team continues to work on a climate change program. After a successful nature-friendly program for primary school children in low-income neighborhoods, the A-team is now preparing programs for secondary level.


2008 also saw Amigu di Tera take part in national dialogue on Curaçao's energy future at the government’s request, and give a talk on climate change and the need to change energy policies to the Netherlands Antilles parliament.


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