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climate justice and energy sovereignty program highlights in 2008.

climate justice and energy sovereignty program

FoEI's Climate Justice and Energy program aims to build a diverse effective global movement to ensure climate and energy justice through stopping climate change and the global concentration of energy goods and services for consumption and profit of the minority of the worlds' peoples.


The program calls for for significant greenhouse gas emissions reductions, protection and resilience building of the world's most vulnerable peoples, and for all people to share the world’s resources equally and within limits of sustainability.


In 2008, more than 40 FoE member groups from across our international federation actively participated in the Climate Justice and Energy program – representing all regions of our federation.


During this period the program focused on these specific campaigns:


Affected Peoples

FoEI member groups empower communities in each region to climate change, resist false solutions and build their own sustainability 2012.


Energy Sovereignty

The campaign aims to enhance and support appropriate renewable energy alternatives and means of achieving energy efficiency, in order to build sustainable carbon-free societies based on energy sovereignty.


Forest Carbon Finance campaign

Aims to develop a democratic, transparent, rights-based process for financing forest protection under the UNFCCC without resorting to carbon trading


climate Finance campaign

FoEI member groups are collaborating to stop the World Bank and other major international financial institutions contaminating the UN’s climate change debate.



The UNFCCC campaign aims to ensure that Annex I countries have committed to emissions cuts financial transfers to migration, technology and adaptation in developing countries, at to a total phase out of carbon emissions by the middle of the century, with the ambition of returning atmospheric concentrations to an upper limit of 350 parts per million.



In 2008, FoE’s Climate Justice and Energy program was able to:

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