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reflecting communities’ experiences of resistance and mobilization

reflecting communities’ experiences of resistance and mobilization and translating them into national and international policy demands
Reflected communities demands and experiences internationally

FoEI’s CJE program successfully integrated the perspectives of the affected peoples and climate justice movements into member groups’ analyses and political platforms. FoEI brought this perspective to international networks such as Climate Action Network International (CANI), Climate Justice Now! (CJN!) and emphasized it in official UN fora FoEI’s communications strategy focused on mobilizing people around the affected peoples and climate justice agenda. We published a series of case studies and testimonies from nine different communities around the world in our publication 'voices of the communities affected by climate change' which we distributed at all international fora and also use as a movement building resource at the grassroots level. 


We supported the work of member groups organizing affected peoples’ meetings and forums, including in Australia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras and Indonesia, and in the Social Forum of the Americas in Guatemala.The forums gathered hundreds of community representatives in different regions around the world, to share their experiences of how they had been impacted by climate change, to exchange their ideas about and experience of rebuilding their societies and communities, and to show their solidarity for each other. Audio testimonies of some of the forums are highlighted in the Radio Mundo Real special section on victims of climate change and video testimonies are being edited for broadcasting at international events.  


FoEI’s European groups successfully lobbied and contributed to mobilizing civil society in Europe, to demand energy efficiency and oppose unsustainable energy schemes. FoE Europe’s agrofuels campaign succeeded in inspiring 7,000 people to e-mail their Members of the European Parliament to request tough waste prevention and recycling targets. In addition, FoE Europe participated in the European Petition Campaign against Nuclear Power, which resulted in 635,000 individuals demanded the phasing-out of nuclear power in Europe by means of a petition to the European Commission.


In 2008, Radiohead front man Thom Yorke launched the Big Ask campaign, supported by 17 European countries. The campaign calls for binding annual CO2 emissions reductions across Europe. 30,000 people have so far signed up to the campaign, asking their national governments to commit to annual emission reductions. In another example, FoE Europe helped to mobilize 47,000 people to participate in a poll by EC President Barroso, changing the poll from 95% in favor of the EU's biofuels target, to 89% against, within 3 days. FoE’s work on agrofuels was selected by the European Parliament Magazine as the ‘most effective NGO campaign’.


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