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strengthening the movement: climate justice now!

In 2008, social movements and groups that came together during the climate change negotiations in Bali (December 2007) established a new coalition called Climate Justice Now!
strengthening the movement: climate justice now!

This coalition enhanced information-sharing and cooperation amongst organizations fighting for climate justice, with the aim of intensifying actions to prevent and respond to climate change. There are now over 160 organizations participating in this exciting and rapidly growing coalition. FoEI took a lead role in initiating Climate Justice Now! and the focus on mobilization has greatly increased our capacity for movement-building and justice-based campaigning in the future.


Throughout 2008, FoEI collaborated with CJN! member groups in strategy meetings and international fora in Bangkok, New York, Rome, Managua, Accra, Japan, Copenhagen, Malmo and elsewhere.


FoEI member groups in Central America have been key in the creation of the Movement of the Affected Peoples and Victims of Climate Change (MOVIACC). This movement strengthens the voices and political power of those directly affected by climate change, in order to strengthen the resilience of these communities and bring about necessary policy changes.


FoEI’s CJE program is also working to strengthen links with the movement of people affected by dams, workers’ unions and Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, especially in Latin America. FoE campaigners were invited to participate in and convey the climate justice message in a number of different spaces, including the REDLAR meeting in Colombia. They also worked with Indigenous Peoples’ organizations and networks to build a common political agenda for 2009.


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