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january: davos elites must listen to citizens’ demands

In January 2008, Friends of the Earth International urged world leaders to listen to citizens from around the globe taking part in the 2008 'Day of Action' of the World Social Forum in protest of the flawed corporate-driven globalisation model embodied by the World Economic Forum (WEF).
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The WEF’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, offers multinational corporations an unparalleled opportunity to influence decision-makers and shape the global agenda in their favour. As usual, Friends of the Earth International kept a close watch on Davos through its annual 'counter-event', known as the 'Public Eye' conference, a joint project of Pro Natura / Friends of the Earth Switzerland and the Berne Declaration.


Friends of the Earth International chair Meena Raman said: "This elitist and anti-democratic Forum allows the world’s richest businesses and most powerful politicians to negotiate deals behind closed doors. The underlying assumption in Davos is that the current corporate-run global economy– where profit margins are more important than people and the planet – must remain the order of the day.”


"Those taking part in the World Social Forum Day of Action believe that another world with sustainable societies is possible and desirable. Our elected leaders need to get out of bed with big business and start implementing policies that protect people and the environment," she added.


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