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our strategic plan

FoEI has been developing and implementing its current strategic plan over the course of the past four years. It incorporates a political framework, a strategic action plan, and numerous organizational development processes and activities, including those that enable us to analyze our effectiveness, and modify our future actions on the basis of what we have learned. As such, FoEI’s strategic plan is itself a working document that is not written in stone: it is constantly being revised and refined, based on experience and on the ever-changing global and political context within which we work.

developing a strategic action plan (stap)

implementing our strategic plan

Over the past four years, FoEI has focused on implementing key aspects of our strategic plan. We decided on the political framework for the different program areas, and engaged in several targeted campaigns. We also established federation-wide network development teams to strengthen areas such as membership, communications and fundraising.

The overall strategy of FoEI describes the strategic themes: resist, mobilize and transform. However, it doesn’t describe the specific political objectives that the federation as a whole is seeking to accomplish through these strategies. Nor do the political discussions and outcomes of each of the individual programs.


FoEI decided that an important next step in the federation’s organizational and political development process would be to translate the overall strategic plan into a concrete strategic action plan (STAP). The STAP will indicate the specific political targets that the federation aims to achieve in the medium and short term. 

With the STAP process, the federation aims to consolidate all the existing (and non-existing) political agreements, to determine these medium and short term political objectives. It also seeks to prioritize and ensure coordinated action amongst all FoEI's official structures (including member groups, regions, the ExCom, and the network development teams) to achieve those objectives. 


International program activities, membership development, communication and fundraising activities will all contribute to the STAP as well. In addition, member groups and regions will be asked to develop their own strategic action plan that clarifies their specific contributions to the overall STAP. The agreed upon political goals and objectives will be used to guide FoEI’s resource allocation.

It is our assumption that by increasing the level of clarity about our political goals and objectives we can engage broader and more diverse contributions from member groups and the regions: in the end, FoEI is only as effective as the coordinated actions of its member groups. While not losing our political focus, we need to create more space for member groups to act internationally in their national and regional contexts.


implementing our strategic plan

The actual implementation of the strategic plan is being guided through the following network development teams:

Implementation also involves a concerted effort by the federation and its members to:
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