a strong foei

Building a strong network has been a key focus of FoEI's strategic plan from the start. FoEI is committed to implementing our vision of how we work together as well as achieving our vision of the world. Investing in the development of FoEI as an organization is as important to the federation as engaging in specific campaign activities.

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The strength of the organization, and our capacity to learn, adapt, innovate and mobilize people to act in solidarity with each other collectively determine the level of FoEI’s overall effectiveness in the world.


In 2009, FoEI’s organizational development process focused on ensuring FoEI’s contribution to the social movements. During the 2009 BGM in Honduras, the federation endorsed the proposal to focus our work on acting in solidarity with local struggles. We also decided to use existing international spaces but build our own space for achieving change as well. 

FoEI agreed that we need to bring the struggles of people most affected by unsustainable development in the South closer to people's hearts, so that those people will take action and make a difference. By expanding FoEI’s solidarity mechanisms FoEI is able to generate a greater sense of solidarity between groups and people from different parts of the world.

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