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the communications integration team

At the end of 2008, FoEI's Honduras Biennial General Meeting (BGM) agreed that the federation needed a communications strategy, and a team to ensure its implementation. A main focus in 2009 was the drafting of this strategy, with input from international program coordinators, national communicators, regional meetings, and FoEI's Executive Committee. This draft communications strategy is slated for adoption at the 2010 BGM.

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The communications strategy has been created in order to provide clear and synchronized messages about the federation and our campaigns so that we can better harness the power of all of our groups and campaigns and move to a higher level in terms of our credibility and impact as a global federation. The strategy includes a goal, objectives, main messages, key audiences, and important tools.


As with other areas of the FoEI strategic plan, we hope that groups will work to align their own communications strategies with the federation’s strategy. The idea is that national communications strategies, regional communications strategies, and the FoEI communications strategy are mutually supportive. Groups are of course free to use the elements of the strategy that work best in their national context, and also to adapt other elements to fit their specific realities.

The strategy will be implemented by a new team, the Communications Integration Team (CIT), which includes representation from each region, as well as from the programs and membership areas of our work. 

Each program and campaign also worked throughout 2009 to draft key communications messages that will be integrated into the overall communications strategy.

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