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learning within foei

FoEI is a learning organization. We are committed to ongoing learning, be it political, strategic or organizational.

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Learning is not an option; it is a necessity for any organization that wants to be able to address the shifting environmental, social and economic challenges we face. As the world changes, FoEI needs to change the way we campaign, the way we communicate, and the way we organize ourselves internally. 


In 2009, the Program Integration Team succeeded in establishing greater coherence and cooperation between the different programs and campaigns; their cooperation is an essential component of FoEI’s comprehensive social, environmental and political approach to the world’s current crises.


Learning within FoEI is happening through our network development teams. The Membership Development Team, the Program Integration Team, the Communications Integration Team and the Fundraising Team are constantly being challenged to analyze the effectiveness of their activities, and adapt and sharpen their strategies in response.


The network development teams have developed specific strategies to ensure implementation of the overall Strategic Plan. In 2010, all teams will be asked to clearly describe how their activities will contribute to the achievement of the federation’s political action plan.

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