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moving the movement

In 2009, FoEI sharpened its understanding of our role in the broader political context of the different social movements. It is clear that FoEI is not a movement. We are an international network of grassroots organizations. In the broader context, FoEI acts as a social change organization which aims to move a movement of people in support of our vision and mission, which is based upon principles of social justice and environmental sustainability.


FoEI's ever-growing commitment to being part of and supporting social movements in their struggles as well as seeking their support for our campaigns is guiding both our strategic thinking and concrete actions.  


In 2009, we have tried to integrate this commitment into FoEI’s membership development strategy, and our communication and fundraising strategies. All our programs and campaigns have prioritized work with other actors in the social movements, seeking their support and contributing to their specific struggles.


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