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program integration team

At the end of 2008, FoEI's Honduras Biannual General Meeting (BGM) mandated the Program Integration Team (PIT) to take responsibility for the progress and development of FoEI’s programs and campaigns, to ensure political coherence between them, and alignment with FoEI’s strategic plan.

4848_1164668871456_1069913253_30488830_7527558_n USED PIT.jpgIn order to fulfil its mandate effectively, the PIT team met all program and campaign coordinators at a meeting in Oxford, UK, in 2009.


The PIT meeting itself was preceded by an international campaigns skillshare, during which 35 FoEI campaigners came together over four days to share skills, experiences, and ideas regarding national campaigns and their links to FoEI’s programs and campaigns. The skillshare was convened by the PIT to address several important issues that have emerged in our international programs, including: member group involvement in international programs; strengthening the links between local/national campaigns and international programs; and team-building amongst international program and campaign coordinators.


The skillshare increased our understanding of similarities in the way we work in different countries and regions. It also deepened our understanding of the complexity of our international campaigns – breaking through the myths of North-South divides to understand the nuances of political positions, and effective campaigning with communities. We also learned more about the links between local and international struggles, particularly the practical implications of bringing our mission and vision to the national level.


The PIT meeting that followed shared developments in programs and regions, and addressed a number of other important areas including: evaluation processes and outcomes; developing FoEI’s strategic alliances; creating a framework for discussion of our cross-cutting transformation agenda; addressing the integration of gender concerns throughout the programs and campaigns; and links with membership development.


We concluded that the Program Information Team is developing into a productive space for reflection on strategic issues for our programs and for the federation. It is a place where we can help to build FoEI’s strategic action agenda, as a contribution towards achieving FoEI’s mission and vision.  

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