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strengthening our strategic alliances

Strengthening our strategic alliances has become our most effective strategy for mobilizing people in support of a just and sustainable world.


The scope of FoEI’s strategic alliance with La Via Campesina (LVC) has expanded dramatically. The cooperation extends from the leadership of both organizations to the national and local levels, where member groups of both organizations campaign side by side. Working to establish a similar relationship with the World March of Women (WMW), FoEI has increased cooperation at the level of actions and campaigns.


Today, FoEI programs work closely together with LVC at the level of strategy development and the organization of joint activities. FoEI’s Food Sovereignty program strategy meeting relied on the critical participation of members of LVC and WMW, to help develop its overall strategy and coordinate specific joint activities planned for the next few years.


We also worked together through the Climate Justice and Energy program, and the Economic Justice-Resisting Neoliberalism program. FoEI’s gender experts are working closely with the gender people from LVC and WMW to coordinate our gender justice work, and to increase our overall effectiveness in securing a gender sensitive approach to all FoEI's programs and operations. 


Finally and importantly, our organizations have agreed to increase our cooperation at the most fundamental level of the political development taking place within each organization. FoEI campaigners were invited to share their experiences with the board of LVC. LVC and WMW activists will also join key strategy meetings of FoEI in 2010.


FoEI also hosts solidarity missions. In July 2009, for example, following the coup by Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, FoEI also sent an international mission to Honduras, together with Via Campesina. The mission consisted of a delegation of Central American peasants and representatives of several international social organizations. They visited Honduras to offer their support and solidarity to national social organizations calling for the return of the democratically elected president; many of these organizations have been key players in the Movement of Victims Affected by Climate Change in Central America.


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