Our communications work is aimed at reaching out to and mobilizing people around the world so that they will join our movement for social and environmental change.

In 2009 we continued to communicate our messages far and wide, using both traditional and new tools and media. Our website continued to grow and attract new people, many of whom took part in our urgent cyberactions or signed up to our Voices of the Earth e-newsletter.


It was an exciting year in terms of media. We carried out two successful trainings for journalists and campaigners, and enjoyed a particularly impressive year in terms of media coverage around the world, especially around our activities at the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December.



We released many publications, materials and audiovisual resources to promote our campaign messages, samples of which are highlighted in these pages. We released a cartoon book, Speechless: A Wordless History of the World. Our annual photo competition on the theme of Our Biodiversity, Our Lives resulted in a beautiful calendar and photo exhibition. Our annual Who Benefits from GM Crops? update focused on the myth that GM crops feed the poor. Voices from the South for Climate Justice includes testimonies from people in Central and Latin America impacted by climate change. We released a series of materials on Financing Climate Justice prior to the Copenhagen talks, where this controversial subject was on the agenda. We also continued to launch audio and video community testimonies throughout the year, giving people on the ground the chance to tell their stories. Many of the testimonies on the impacts of climate change were taken to Copenhagen as part of our Climate Capsule installation.


In 2009, our web-based radio, Real World Radio, which is run by Friends of the Earth Uruguay/REDES, launched a live program called Rising Voices featuring interviews with Friends of the Earth correspondents from around the world. Real World Radio continued to broadcast live coverage of important events throughout the year.


Photo: FoE Brazil.

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