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training for campaigners, communicators, and journalists

In April 2009, Friends of the Earth International organized a one-day training for campaigners in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, during which participants started developing a federation-wide communications strategy on food sovereignty. During a skill-share, participants also improved their media messaging skills.
comms training.jpgThe training, which included a hands-on session with camcorder interviews reviewed on-screen, was delivered in partnership with IPS news agency.


Friends of the Earth International also organized two separate trainings in Brussels, Belgium, in September 2009. One was for journalists and the other for non-profit communications staff. The two target groups also participated in a joint session, sharing their experiences and opinions.


The communicators' training was delivered to 18 spokespeople and communicators from NGOs, mostly from European FoEI groups. Participants discussed and practiced the skills and tools needed to reach specific target audiences and media outlets with their messages.


The journalists' training was delivered to 14 accredited journalists from important mainstream media outlets based in the EU (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia). It provided them with useful tools with which to produce news stories related to climate justice and biodiversity in Europe and in developing countries.


The journalists' training included presentations about climate and biodiversity-related issues in Nigeria, Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia. Journalist participants were particularly interested in these presentations from developing countries, and most of them produced related stories in the following months.


The vast majority of journalists attending stated that their ability to report on climate change issues had improved considerably following the training. 90% stated that they were interested in attending other workshops on sustainable development issues organized by FoEI.


 eu-flagThese trainings were possible thanks to the financial assistance of the European Union.

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