foei in the media in 2009

In 2009 hundreds of news items quoting Friends of the Earth messages were published and aired by a broad spectrum of media organizations, ranging from the world's leading newspapers and TV news programs, such as the Financial Times and CNN, through to alternative news sources including the IPS news agency and Indymedia.


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Throughout the year, FoEI issued an average of three English-language press releases per month to journalists worldwide. Many were also disseminated in Spanish, and some were translated into other languages by our member groups.


The FoEI news and comments which obtained most coverage in the media were those related to climate change and food.


In December 2009, during the United Nations climate change talks in Copenhagen, FoEI's climate justice messages reached millions of viewers and readers around the world. 


A selection of more than one hundred news stories quoting Friends of the Earth can be found online here:


Throughout 2009, FoEI also carried out media-related activities co-financed by a multi-year project with IPS news agency, which included training for journalists, communicators and campaigners.  


The project and training sessions led to more coherent and focused media work, and helped increase the number of FoEI media stories covering climate justice, biodiversity, food sovereignty and extractive industries during the year.


eu-flagThese trainings were made possible thanks to the financial assistance of the European Union.

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