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partnership with ips news agency

In 2008, FoEI started working in partnership with the IPS news agency on a three-year project to increase awareness in Europe about major challenges to and achievements concerning sustainable development in the South.

journalist trainings/comms strategies

Four main challenges are at the centre of this IPS-FoEI project: climate change; decreasing biodiversity; lack of food security and sustainable food production; and the effects of extractive industries.

As part of this project, IPS news agency, an international alternative news agency, publishes some 150 multi-sourced and independent news articles and features every year, concerning these four challenges.


During the three years that the project is running, FoEI is also organizing:


- Three training workshops for communicators and journalists, to help impart better skills to at least 30 communicators and spokespeople from FoEI and other NGOs, and at least 30 European journalists.


- Three seminars and public discussion fora on the four key challenges, to stimulate informed debate about good practice and policies relating to sustainable development.

- The publication of thirty community testimonies allowing local communities to tell their own stories about their experiences of unsustainable development projects and policies, and the solutions they propose.

eu-flagThis project was made possible thanks to the financial assistance of the European Union.


Photo: Journalists' training in 2009

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