community testimonies

Across the world, communities are affected by the pressing environmental problems of our day. All too often, it's big business, governments, and even large NGOs that have the loudest voices. The communities who have to live with the consequences of these environmental issues can struggle to get their opinions heard.
community testimoniesFor the past few years, Friends of the Earth International has been producing community testimonies

in which people on the ground tell about their struggles and successes in their own words.


Throughout 2009 we continued to build our online library of testimonies from community residents fighting for sustainable livelihoods and environmental protection, with original productions and by editing existing footage.


We also continued to support our 'community testimony' interns from Togo, Honduras, and Indonesia by providing training and finance to facilitate follow-up activities in their home countries after their 2008 internships in Amsterdam. These activities included the production of testimonies about climate-affected fisherpeople on the coasts of Togo and Ghana; a youth video training in Indonesia; and shooting footage of the Garifuna in Honduras, another climate-affected people.


During 2009, 140 new testimonies were uploaded to our website and to Youtube in our three languages (English, French and Spanish). Our radio team at Real World Radio also produced a series of testimonies in Spanish.

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