financing climate justice

Governments engaged in climate change negotiations are currently prioritizing the design and development of new climate finance mechanisms. Some of them hope to leverage private finance to cover some of the escalating costs of mitigating and adapting to climate change. However, there is widespread concern that the private finance mechanisms proposed will be channeled into profitable but damaging 'false solutions' such as carbon offsetting.
financing climate justice

It is essential that funds and attention are redirected to increasing investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, reducing deforestation, changing food production and water management practices, and implementing disease control and prevention systems.


In 2009 we developed a series of materials on climate finance for the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, including a position paper, a popular flyer (with a summary of our main positions), and a climate finance matrix.


Thousands of copies of each of the above were distributed in Copenhagen, in English, French and Spanish, and the global media gave excellent coverage to Friends of the Earth International's messages about climate finance.

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