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publications, materials and audiovisual resources

Throughout 2009 our groups and campaigns produced hard-hitting reports, publications and audiovisual materials about a range of campaign issues. In this section you can read about a few of our most prominent publications.

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In addition to the many reports and audiovisual materials produced by Friends of the Earth member groups and regions, Friends of the Earth International's 2009 communications included:


  • A series of materials on Financing Climate Justice prior to the Copenhagen talks, where this controversial subject was on the agenda, including a position paper, a popular flyer (with a summary of our main positions), and a climate finance matrix


  • Audio and video community testimonies throughout the year, giving people on the ground the chance to tell their stories. Many of the testimonies on the impacts of climate change were taken to Copenhagen as part of our Climate Capsule installation.


  • Our annual Who Benefits from GM Crops? update which focused on the myth that GM crops feed the poor. This briefing looks behind the spin and exposes the reasons why GM crops cannot, and are unlikely ever, to contribute to poverty reduction, global food security or sustainable farming.

  • More video and films taking our campaign concerns out to audiences around the world. View 10,000 people dancing for the climate on Ostend Beach in Belgium. See a short film made by Friends of the Earth in Belgium, with the help of award winning film director Nic Balthazar and 6,000 extras, which was made to help spread the message that politicians must 'Act Now' to tackle climate change.



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