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what we achieved in 2009

In 2009, we made huge progress as a federation in bringing together the diversity of our 77 autonomous national member organizations into a unified global force to build sustainable societies based on equity and justice.
DSC00277 USED.jpgAs we align ourselves from the local to the international level around our strategic themes – mobilization, resistance, transformation, and strengthening the federation – we become stronger, more coherent and more effective. Find out how we are implementing our strategic plan, and about our new network development teams which focus on program integration, membership development and communications. Investigate our plans for strengthening and decentralizing the FoEI network, and our work with strategic allies.


Read about the progress and achievements of our international programs and campaigns

throughout 2009. Our efforts, carried out together with allied social and environmental movements around the world, have brought about some important concrete changes for people and for the environment.


You can also learn about how we used our various communications channels and tools to spread information and engage more people in our work. Read about developments and results on our website, in our media work, in our publications and audiovisual materials, and through our radio.


Our national groups and the communities and allies they work with are the driving force behind our campaign victories and the critical alliances that we have formed over the years. Learn about some of their achievements, many of which were funded through our Membership Support Fund, in the member groups section.


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