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mission statement

Friends of the Earth International is a global federation of national environmental organizations. This federation aims to:

  • protect the earth against further deterioration and repair damage inflicted upon the environment by human activities and negligence;

  • preserve the earth's ecological, cultural and ethnic diversity;

  • increase public participation and democratic decision-making. Greater democracy is both an end in itself and is vital to the protection of the environment and the sound management of natural resources;

  • achieve social, economic and political justice and equal access to resources and opportunities for men and women on the local, national, regional and international levels;

  • promote environmentally sustainable development on the local, national, regional and global levels.
Friends of the Earth International has a democratic structure with autonomous national groups which comply with the guidelines established by the federation.

Friends of the Earth member groups are united by a common conviction that these aims require both strong grassroots activism and effective national and international campaigning and coordination. They see Friends of the Earth International as a unique and diverse forum to pursue international initiatives, taking advantage of the varied backgrounds and perspectives of its members.

By sharing information, knowledge, skills and resources on both the bilateral and multilateral levels, Friends of the Earth groups support each other's development and strengthen their international campaigns.

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