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You are here: Home / Resources / publications / food sovereignty / fs-2000-2007 / who benefits from GM crops? - 2007 full report

who benefits from GM crops? - 2007 full report

Friends of the Earth International, January 2007: This report highlights the lack of comprehensive studies on the performance of GM crops in every country that has commercialized them, and this consequently calls into question their claimed benefits. No country in the world has produced a comprehensive study of the real impact of GM crops at the farm level. There is no adequate analysis of pesticide use, yields, weed/pest resistance, or effects upon smaller growers over the short, medium or long term that includes a comparison with existing conventional varieties and other agricultural methods such agroecology or organic food production.

gmcrops2007full.pdf — PDF document, 1984 kB (2031623 bytes)

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