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You are here: Home / Resources / publications / oil, mining and gas / 2000-2007


File Bolivia-Brazil Pipeline
File Kumtor Gold Mine, Kyrgyz Republic
File Continued Pollution - Factsheet on Royal Dutch Shell, May 2006
File Advert to Shell in Guardian - Shell: Use your profits to clean up your mess
File Undermining Lives in Laos - Objections to the Sepon project 2 Copper Mine Expansion of Oxiana Ltd in Lao PDR
File Shell : Use your profits to clean up your mess
Today Shell will announce sky-high profits. People from around the world tell Shell to stop destroying the environment and people’s lives: Report on how Shell should fund local solutions for environmental and social destruction caused by its projects.
File the myths of the west african gas pipeline
In November 2004, the World Bank Group approved guarantees for one of Africa’s largest fossil fuel projects, to be carried out by a consortium led by ChevronTexaco and including Royal Dutch Shell. The proposed pipeline, which would run from Nigeria through Benin and Togo to Ghana is surrounded by controversy. This report aims to debunk the three major myths and reveal the truth behind the West African Gas Pipeline.
File baku ceyhan pipeline
File Victims of their own fortunes
Ongoing environmental problems resulting from oil production in the Niger Delta in Nigeria (October 2000)
File Fossil fuel and mining position paper
File Comments on the oil spill response plan for the Chad Cameroon Pipeline Project
File promises.pdf
File sepon.pdf
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