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Act now - it only takes a minute to be a friend of the earth

Our cyberactions give you the opportunity to be proactive and show your support for our international campaigns without leaving home. With one simple email, which takes no more than a couple of minutes to send, you can make a difference to the lives of people across the globe struggling against a multitude of injustices.

What difference can one email make? A whole lot when added to thousands of other emails from around the world making the same demands. The more emails, the louder the voice of protest becomes and the more difficult it is to ignore.


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Free Guatemalan environmental and human rights activist Rubén Herrera


Join us in demanding that the Guatemalan authorities release human rights defender Rubén Herrera.

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Mohammed Arfan Asif

World Food Day

a day to remember that nearly a billion people in the world are hungry despite the fact that there is enough food to go around. Food has been turned into a mere commodity to be exported, traded and speculated upon, rather than a basic human right.
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landgrabbing John 02 504

Life, Land and Justice in Uganda

This is John Muyiisa from Kalangala, Uganda. John woke up one day to find bulldozers clearing his land to plant oil palms. John and his community have preserved their forests and lands for generations. Now their way of life is at risk. Support John.


Guatemala intimidated

We condemn the recent violent incidents carried out against Friends of the Earth Guatemala and the National Network in Defence of Food Sovereignty, Guatemala. Read more and send a letter.

oil spill Nigeria 200

Call on the Norway Pension Fund to divest in Shell

Last month 28 Right Livelihood Award laureates wrote to the Norway Government Pension Fund asking it to divest all its holdings in Shell due to the severe environmental harm caused by the company's negligence in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. Please join the laureates, including FoEI's Nnimmo Bassey in calling for the pension fund to act now.

Reclaim the UN

Reclaim the UN from Corporate Capture

This action is now closed. Your support helped us to raise awareness of this ongoing problem. Since Rio +20, Friends of the Earth groups have continued to monitor the strength of private influences on multilateral, international institutions and forums. Friends of the Earth International has persisted in its calls to the United Nations Secretariat to take action following this campaign. Read the report
Reclaim the UN from Corporate Capture
or see the original cyberaction

land grabbing in kalangala, uganda

stop land grabbing for palm oil in uganda

Large scale agrofuels plantations are being promoted as a solution to the climate crisis, yet millions of people are already facing the impacts of land grabs and evictions caused by agrofuels. Tell the Ugandan government to respect the rights of its communities and its forest policy rather than promoting plantations at the expense of people and the environment. Find out more and take action

arched tree

Save the Mabira rainforest in Uganda

The government of Uganda is about to give away the Mabira forest reserve to the Sugar Corporation of Uganda. This grant of free land will increase erosion, diminish fresh water supplies and destroy habitats for hundreds of endangered species. Please join Friends of the Earth Uganda in calling on the government to halt this disastrous plan. Find out more and take action

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