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Friends of the Earth International - english feed

The website of Friends of the Earth International - the world's largest grassroot's environmental network
2014 Message from JA! / Friends of the Earth Mozambique
As 2013 ended, we were forced to consider that the year saw the situation in Mozambique deteriorating quite a bit. Already in 2012, there was a marked decrease in the civil society space and a lack of openness for serious and transparent dialogue with the government. We entered 2013 with hope, convinced that things certainly could not get worse. Today, we don’t know how to evaluate the year that just ended, nor what to expect from what’s coming up.
Friends of the Earth International statement on water apartheid in Palestine
Friends of the Earth International stands in solidarity with its member PENGON/Friends of the Earth Palestine and the Palestinian people in their struggle for their right to live in dignity and exercise sovereignty over their land and natural resources, including access to fresh water.
Friends of the Earth Europe: New report - International ‘Meat atlas’
How overconsumption and intensive meat production wrecks the planet
Friends of the Earth Canada: The Bee Cause
The Bee Cause calls for a ban on bee harmful pesticides and practices while proposing and delivering practical ways to help bees and wild pollinators.
Blog: What's driving the palm oil industry's human rights abuses and environmental destruction? Just follow the money
If you’re looking to do your part to protect tropical rainforests, you need look no further than your kitchen pantry. As you’ve likely heard by now from Friends of the Earth and others, the world’s leading killer of tropical forests is palm oil -- and palm oil derivatives are in your cookies, your ice cream, your shampoo, and -- I’m sorry to tell you this -- in your chocolate.
Friends of the Earth’s Assessment of the UN Committee on World Food Security Negotiations
Real World Radio presents the assessment by Friends of the Earth’s Food Sovereignty program coordinator Kirtana Chandrasekaran on the latest decisions of the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS) on agrofuels.
WTO Talks: A Death Sentence. More Business and Trade Liberalization
The outcome of the World Trade Organisation’s Ministerial Conference held in Bali, Indonesia, from December 3rd through 7th, is a “great disaster for peoples’ lives and for Mother Earth”.
Bowing to civil society pressure, palm oil giant promises to end its forest destruction
9th of December 2013 – In response to years of pressure from civil society, Wilmar International, the world's largest palm oil trader, has just announced a “No deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation Policy”.
Water financialization exposed in new report on eve of WTO meeting
BALI (INDONESIA), December 2, 2013 – On the eve of a key World Trade Organization meeting in Bali [1], Friends of the Earth International launched a new report exposing how trade and investment strategies, including WTO negotiations, act as economic drivers of water financialization. [2]
File Economic drivers of water financialization
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