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You are here: Home / What we do / climate justice and energy
Climate justice and energy The world is facing two related challenges that threaten the lives and livelihoods of billions of people: climate change and the global energy crisis. These are being driven by unsustainable economic and development models based on fossil fuels and other dirty and destructive energy sources, and the concentration of power over energy goods and services in the hands of a wealthy few. FoEI is striving for climate and energy justice, including by helping to build a diverse and effective global movement to stop climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced urgently and fairly. To do this we need a just transition of our economies away from fossil fuels and other unsustainable economic practices, and to build alternatives based on democratic and community control.


Key to the solution is the right of communities to choose their sustainable energy sources and to develop a healthy consumption level. There is also a need for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and for all people to equally share resources within ecological limits. Friends of the Earth International works for climate justice and energy access through proactive, community based campaigns and projects.


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