Mar 16, 2009

campaigning snapshots of grassroots affected peoples

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Examples of member group campaigns from australia to swaziland.

australia: climate justice for pacific islanders - recognition of rights of climate refugees

The Pacific Region will be one of the worst affected by climate change due to their extreme geographic vulnerability. In November 2005, the 1000 residents of the Carteret atolls in the Pacific became the first people in the world to be officially evacuated due to climate change. Starting as soon as money is available to the Papuan New Guinean regional government, 10 families at a time will be moved to Bougainville, a larger island 62 miles away. Friends of the Earth Australia is activity campaigning for the culturally-sensitive relocation of Carteret Islanders, financed by regional historical polluters such as the Australian government.

malaysia: mangrove restoration for fisherfolk livelihood protection

SAM/Friends of the Earth Malaysia has a long-standing collaboration with fisherfolk in Penang working with them to protect marine areas and ensure their livelihoods. The impacts of climate change on marine resources and increase in extreme weather events has lead SAM to take practical action to support local Penang communities in mangrove restoration as well as undertake an education and awareness raising campaign on climate change causes and it´s projected impacts.

haiti: building resilience to water shortages and supporting food sovereignty

Haiti Survive/Friends of the Earth Haiti has been working on training and research on climate change impacts for a number of years and from this has been able to identify adaptation actions to help communities cope with the effects of climate changes. A priority project that Haiti Survive is currently implementing is a community rainwater harvesting adaptation project to collect and store water for the dry season. This project is reinforcing food sovereingty activities in the local communities, increasing their resiliance to impacts of climate change on food systems.

swaziland: education and resistance to vulnerability

Yonge Nawe/Friends of the Earth Swaziland runs a creative education and popular communication campaign to provide rural and urban communities in Swaziland with information about climate change and impacts. Yonge Nawe is also actively campaigning against inequitable development that threatens the resilience of those vulnerable to climate risks, such as timber plantations and processing plants that dry up the water resources of communities and the effluent has polluted the remaining rivers – destroying fisheries and increasing water stress.

'voices of the peoples affected by climate change'

Friends of the Earth International produced a testimonial publication with 9 case studies from communities from across the world documenting the way in which climate change is impacting on their lives and the resilience of communities to protect themselves from these impacts through co-operation and organisation. Download the publication in english, french and spanish.