Apr 22, 2009

Your face for patagonia without dams

by PhilLee — last modified Apr 22, 2009 11:40 AM

Show yourself in support of the 'Patagonia Without Dams' campaign!

patagonia without damsThe construction of big hydroelectric dams in Patagonia would not only endanger one of the world's biggest freshwater reserves, the Northern and Southern Patagonian ice fields, but would also represent a disaster for the country's energy policy.

Chile’s relatively short rivers and small river basins are very fragile ecosystems that are of great cultural and environmental value, and yet the country has exceptionally rich resources for renewable energy and the potential for energy efficiency.


Drawing on this potential would make the construction of hydroelectric dams unnecessary and ensure this precious area of Chile is preserved.


take action

To support the campaign, just take a photo of yourself with the phrase 'Patagonia SIN Represas' (Patagonia WITHOUT Dams). You can write the phrase on your face, hold a sign or get a tattoo - anything you like!

Then send the photo to turostroxpatagonia@gmail.com  so it can be added to the growing collage of faces.