Oct 22, 2009

Bangkok climate talks

by Krista Stryker — last modified Oct 22, 2009 12:15 PM
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Bangkok, Thailand was the venue for the latest round of climate talks in the run up to December's summit in Copenhagen. Friends of the Earth International were there with thousands of international climate justice activists demanding a just climate agreement.

FoEI BangkokThe talks were the fourth gathering of the year in preparation for the climate summit in Copenhagen this December.


The official discussions were focused mainly on what efforts the newly industrialising countries; such as China, India and Brazil; are prepared to curb the increase of their emissions.


Also discussed was the extent to which industrialised countries are prepared to support developing countries to reduce emissions in future years.


Friends of the Earth International and other civil society debaters took part in daily mobilisations outside of the summit, demanding the repayment of climate debt, the exclusion of the World bank and other financial institutions from the climate debate, and the rights of indigenous peoples, fisherfolk and women to be protected.  The civil society forums held by FoEI and others focused on how to achieve real solutions to climate justice without risking people or the planet.


The talks did not meet the hopes and expectations of the civil society debaters - instead of real solutions and displays of innovation, discussion was centred on trying to get the United States to enter into an agreement, even proposing to dispose of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, arguing this would be the only way to effectively tackle climate change.


Bangkok protestsThere was also no agreement on developing countries' role in combating climate change, and the developed countries refused to accept the proposal that they finance the mitigation, adaptation and technology needs of developing countries through new democratic financial institutions other than the World Bank.


The next talks ahead of the Copenhagen climate summit will be held in Barcelona from November 2-6. 




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