Dec 03, 2010

The European Assembly for Climate Justice

by PhilLee — last modified Dec 03, 2010 03:55 PM

The European Assembly for Climate Justice took place in Brussels from 26-29 November and brought together more than 250 people from 10 European countries for 4 days of debates, discussion, action and networking.

FoE Flanders occupy IETAThe event gave a clear signal that the UN climate negotiations, taking place in Cancún, Mexico must not be used to further the interests of rich industrialised countries, and big business. 


The participants also discussed the way in which European countries are responding to the climate crisis – and specifically the need to ensure that action to tackle climate change also brings us closer to achieving justice within and between countries.


The assembly was inspired by the call made by La Via Campesina for “Thousands of Cancuns” during the negotiations in Cancun. 

On the first day of the climate talks in Cancun, activists from the climate camp in Belgium, FoE Flanders and Brussels and the youth climate justice convergence in Brussels occupied the offices of IETA (international emissions trading association) for the whole afternoon. IETA was nominated in 2009 for the Worst EU Lobby awards.
YFoEE protest outside Japanese emabassyFor the whole of the Cancun talks, Young Friends of the Earth Europe is organising a "Cancun in Brussels" space for young European climate activists to come together, learn and create actions! 
On Thursday they took the Friends of the Earth online targeting Japan a step further by paying a visit to the Japanese Embassy in Brussels to deliver a letter and talk with a representative from the embassy.

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