Dec 09, 2011

Civil society takes action in Durban for a fair agreement

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This afternoon hundreds of climate justice activists staged a protest at the UN climate talks in support of a strong and fair agreement to protect Africa and the world.

COP17 protest 

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FoEI's Chair Nnimmo Bassey said:

“The people have spoken loud and clear: we need climate justice now and this means urgent action.  Yet the politicians inside the talks are once again failing to deliver. If urgent, ambitious action is not taken the lives of millions will be in peril.”


“Developed countries are responsible for this crisis. They must now stop trying to protect their polluters. They must commit to the ambitious emissions reductions the science and justice tell us we need to avoid catastrophic climate change.”

UN climate talks 2011: Durban

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As world leaders met in Durban, South Africa to discuss efforts to tackle global warming, Friends of the Earth International were there calling on the rich developed countries, which have historically emitted the most greenhouse gases, to agree to urgent and dramatic cuts in their emissions.

Day of Action durban 2Members of the FoEI delegation carry a 'no carbon trading' banner on the streets of Durban during the Global Day of Action.  We're calling on developed countries to tackle climate change by urgently making real changes at home.

Carbon offsetting – when developed countries buy carbon credits from developing countries to avoid cutting emissions themselves – has no part to play in a just international agreement to fight climate change.

We believe in climate justice which means emission cuts in developed countries, and money for developing countries to grow cleanly and adapt to the effects of climate change – but it also means a change in our consumption patterns.

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3,000 people demand EU leadership at climate talks

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Yesterday Friends of the Earth International handed the head of the EU delegation in Durban a list of over 3000 people who have written in to demand strong EU leadership at the UN climate talks.

eu petition hand in3,040 people sent a letter via our on-line action, calling on Mr. Tomasz Chruszczow and the EU to take a strong position on the following topics:

  • Unconditionally support a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, the only legally-binding climate agreement.
  • Agree to a legally-binding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 40 per cent domestically by 2020.
  • Close current loopholes, like carbon trading, which allow the EU to keep polluting.


As the Durban negotiations are nearing a close, the EU must show the world that it is serious about tackling climate change and sign a strong and fair agreement.