Nov 27, 2012

Statement of solidarity with Friends of the Earth Palestine

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A delegation from Friends of the Earth International is participating in the 'World Social Forum Free Palestine', a set of conferences and seminars taking place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, November 28 – December 1, 2012.

Observer Mission to PalestineFriends of the Earth International expresses its solidarity with Friends of the Earth Palestine -known as the Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON)- and the Palestinian people after a week of Israeli bombardment of Gaza in November left over 140 Palestinians dead, mostly civilians, including many children.

The Israeli attacks have caused an unacceptable humanitarian catastrophe, crippling essential services such as healthcare, food and fuel supplies and education centres.

Friends of the Earth International denounces all violence and demands that the ceasefire be obeyed and all Israeli blockades against Gaza and other Palestinian territories be lifted.

We also demand the dismantling of the apartheid walls built across Palestinian territories as these have created major social, environmental and human rights abuses.

In August 2012 Friends of the Earth International undertook a solidarity mission to occupied Palestine.

The solidarity mission witnessed the environmental impact of the Israeli occupation throughout the West Bank, where untreated Israeli sewage and industrial waste contaminates Palestinian land.

Water from the West Bank is denied to Palestinians so that Israeli settlers can live on Palestinian land. The solidarity mission also recorded accounts of the use of military force to destroy Palestinian cisterns and wells.

The solidarity mission denounced the denial of fundamental human rights to the Palestinian people including the persecution of environmental activists.

Friends of the Earth International appeals for solidarity and peace, and calls on governments around the world to do everything in their powers to bring about a just and lasting peace.