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call on world leaders to take action at the UN climate talks

by PhilLee — last modified Nov 25, 2010 05:19 PM

During the course of the climate talks in Cancun, Mexico, we will be calling on you to pressure the leaders and negotiators who are obstructing the likelihood of a just climate agreement.

Our International Climate Campaigner Sarah-Jayne-Clifton explains what will be happening at the UN climate summit in Cancun, Mexico, and how individuals can make a real difference.

Our colleagues from Friends of the Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland will be hosting the actions from their website and ensuring your demands get to the right people. 

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The Cancun talks are drawing to a disappointing close.

Campaigners from around the world are doing great work trying to steer the talks in the right direction but an outcome built upon the ineffectual and unjust Copenhagen Accord now looks likely. And despite the climate catastrophe this risks, many countries are being bullied into endorsing this flawed document.

However, some of the countries on the front line of climate change impacts - including Bolivia and Tuvalu - are holding out for a strong and fair agreement.

Bolivia and Tuvalu may feel they're among only a handful of principled countries who want such an agreement but their position is backed by millions of people around the world.

Please show solidarity with the delegation of Bolivia and Tuvalu and urge them, on behalf of the peoples of the world, to continue to push for a just agreement in Cancun.

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