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Add your story to our Copenhagen Climate Capsule

by PhilLee — last modified Jul 22, 2009 03:45 PM

We want to confront decision makers and people on the street with the voices of people affected by climate change. Add your message to the Climate Capsule we'll present it at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen this December.

We will bring messages from people everywhere to Copenhagen, to confront decision makers and people on the street with the voices of people affected by climate change. Join us in making a strong demand for climate justice.

climatebelly We’re collecting messages from everybody including you!

If you are affected by climate change, struggling against false solutions (such as nuclear power, large hydro dams and agrofuels), or are simply convinced that your government should do more to find fair solutions to the climate crisis.... send us your message!


Your contribution can be made in the form of video, audio, photography, drawings, letters or in any format that best gets your personal message across.


what could your message contain?

There are many things you could say.

You might want to answer any of the following questions, but feel free to formulate your own message.


- What would you say if you had someone responsible for climate change in front of you?
- How do you want the climate to be in 2020?
- Have changes in the climate affected you directly?

- What can be done to stop climate change and what are you doing personally?



how will the messages be used?

climate refugees

The messages will be used in a number of ways during the climate negotiations. They will feature in:

  • an installation based at the Klimaforum, where thousands of people will converge;
  • a special Friends of the Earth 'newspaper' distributed to delegates;
  • an interactive game produced by art students;
  • a special section on this website.


After the Copenhagen summit, this so called 'Climate Capsule' will travel to villages, towns and cities affected by climate change as well as future conferences so everyone can see, hear and feel the effects climate change is having.


How do you send your message?

Your message can be in digital form; like a video, sound or a photograph; or it can be something physical; a drawing, something from fabric, or...anything really, in any language.

  • email

Send us a message, your photo in attachment or a link to your video posted on youtube:

  • snail (regular) mail

If you want to post something, label your envelope 'climate capsule' and send it to:


Friends of the Earth International

PO Box 19199

1000 GD Amsterdam

The Netherlands


one more thing...



Please take a moment to sign our big international petition for climate justice by clicking here.

Thank you!

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