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A letter from Carl Dodd

by Krista Stryker — last modified Nov 25, 2009 02:40 PM

Can the world leaders deliver a truly useful agreement - that will ensure the world will become a fair and equitable place?

Can the vested interests of a few converge with the needs of the many?
Why is it that consumerism is flaunted as the means to prosperous and happy societies?
What ever the politicians say or do, it simply won't be enough to prevent the climate chaos that is coming. The only answer from the experts, to the financial crisis seemed to be pump in more money into a system that converted greed into wealth for a few. Did the world governments see this coming and avert their gaze? The resultant mess and confusion has cost the people of the world dearly, and it can't just be bad luck or a few people misleading the many. We colluded in it!

The slower, but much more devastating effects of the change in the climate will be tackled in an equally calamitous and shabby way.

Key questions to ask of our world leaders, who are enamored with money and power, are why are we not protecting the only resource we know to effectively capture carbon and increase our chances to stabilise the global warming - ( that might actually involve stopping the logging and destruction of all forms of rainforest, arboreal forests)?

What does the cap and trade ideology actually promote? Increasing consumerism, without technology transfer? And can we align desire to create wealth without a mechanism to actually distribute aid and compassion to the millions who will suffer because of the continuing global warming? Will we also collude in the misery of the wretched lives of millions least able to change their lot in life?
Why call this a message of hope then?

I feel that the seeds of change are planted in the fertile soils now. The people and institutions who actually matter and can influence are the actions of the millions who care are here amongst us.

We can distribute wealth to those who need it - we can shut out the illegal loggers and financial chancers who act against our common good. Easily! The technologies we need to transfer are not huge projects by multi nationals. If we refocus on local needs being solved and neighbours helping each other we create economic multipliers in the communities that need the money/resources' to improve their lives. We can protect the non human world by not "buying into" consuming it!

Climate change is unavoidable, and worryingly, it may not stay at the cosy two degrees in global warming the politicians hope for. We have a chance to change the structures and institutions that direct the efforts of the developed world - this is our task for the next 10-20 years. It will not avoid the pain, but recognise the needs for the future generations.

Carl Dodd
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