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ExxonMobil - Climate Killer of the Year

by admin — last modified Apr 20, 2007 12:20 PM

Vote names oil giant exxonmobil as the worst carbon dinosaur in Finland


Last July a thousand people in Finland faced a hard decision as they prepared to vote for the Finnish Climate Killer. All ten candidates were horrible remnants from the age of dirty fossil fuels - fighting all attempts to push forward renewable energy and to save the world from catastrophic climate change.

Now the votes have been counted. With an overwhelming 29.4 percent share of the votes, Finnish Esso, the Finnish part of the world’s largest oil company ExxonMobil, is the winner. It received the Climate Killer Award on Monday morning in an impressive ceremony.

Esso failed to send a representative to the event, but Friends of the Earth Finland Chairperson Leo Stranius went ahead with the presentation, handing the Award over to activists dressed as the Esso tiger and a masked version of Exxon Mobil's President Rex W. Tillerson.

In their speech, they stressed that ExxonMobil has time and again over the years that it is committed to use any means to speed up catastrophic climate change. Its products and activities have contributed a remarkable 5 percent towards human made global warming and yet it shows no sign of responsibility in its policies or investment.

Friends of the Earth Finland's Climate Campaign Coordinator Lauri Myllyvirta is impressed by the corpoarte giant's persistence. “Esso has worked tirelessly to sabotage the Kyoto Protocol, spending dozens of millions of dollars on anti-Kyoto publicity campaigns. It has struggled hard against renewable energy and emission reductions. Now we feel this work has got the kind of recognition it deserves.”

“We also want to congratulate the Finnish Trade and Industry Ministry as Finland’s worst genuinely domestic Climate Killer. It has successfully undermined Finnish climate and energy policy, effectively slowing down the switch to renewable and energy efficient technology in Finland,” Myllyvirta said. The latest example is a tax reduction for peat - a non-renewable fuel comparable to coal - put forth by this Climate Killer Ministry. “Without the Trade and Industry Ministry’s dedicated efforts, Finland’s greenhouse gas emissions would be lower and its energy production far more responsible.”

Candidate/Share of votes
1. Esso: 29,4 %
2. Trade and Industry Ministry: 12,1 %
3. Kimi Raikkonen, F1 driver: 11,7 %
4. Industry and Employers, industry lobby: 10,6 %
5. Eija-Riitta Korhola, Finnish MEP: 8,2 %
6. Matti Viialainen, Trade union leader: 6,4 %
7. Car Union, A pro-cars, pro-highways NGO: 5,8 %
8. Power of Industry, Nuke and coal energy company: 4,5 %
9. Finnair, Flight company: 1,8 %
10. Development Politics Department of Foreign Affairs Ministry: 1,7 %
Others: 7,9 %
TOTAL: 1079 votes

Voters had an option to vote for anyone or anything not included in the list. The most popular suggestions included: ordinary people’s attitudes and lifestyles; the United States; large Finnish cities; many other pro-fossil fuels politicians; and media that pay too little attention to or try to diminish the threat of climate change.

Both advocates and opponents of nuclear power got some votes.

The Climate Killer Vote was part of Carbon Dinosaur Tour in Finland . The tour visited nine targets in six cities with a huge, inflatable Carbon Dino, exposing the opponents of sustainable energy future and mitigation of catastrophic climate change. The tour was a great success when it comes to reaching people and the media. for the carbon dino tour plan and picture gallery

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