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Our demands in Durban

by PhilLee — last modified Nov 24, 2011 06:35 PM
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Urgent action must be taken at the COP 17 talks in Durban. Find out what we're calling for.

offsetting magic trick
Members of Friends of the Earth International show COP 15 delegates that carbon offsetting is the greatest con trick in history. Copenhagen, 2009.
We are reaching a historic culmination of events in the fight for radical cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and systemic change in the unjust and unsustainable economic system which underlies the climate crisis. 


Corporate and financial elites and multinational corporations are intensifying their efforts to serve and protect their interests through false solutions like carbon markets.


This injustice is being met with resistance by movements, organisations and activists that are calling for the transformation of societies to take back our futures.


Friends of the Earth International demand that governments at COP 17:

  • Accept strong, legally-binding emission reductions for developed countries based on science, equity and the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.
  • Commit to adequate and appropriate public finance for developing countries mitigation and adaptation.
  • Reject all forms of carbon trading and offsetting.
  • Embark on just transitions towards genuinely sustainable economies domestically through the reduction of commodity flows and consumption, investment in public infrastructure, appropriate renewable energy, green jobs, small-scale sustainable agriculture and community-led biodiversity and forest conservation.
  • Respect and enforce the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities. 
  • Reject any role for industrial monoculture tree plantations, agrofuels and GMOs and other false solutions such as nuclear energy and carbón capture and storage (CCS).
  • Respect the Convention of Biological Diversity moratorium against geo-engineering.

What can you do?

Your contribution counts. You can join the movement for climate justice. You can pressure your government to take a stronger stance in the international negotiations and help ensure a safer climate and protect the lives and livelihoods of ordinary people and communities around the world.


The movement for climate justice is growing and becoming stronger, as we are seeing in Durban with organisations and social movements mobilising for climate justice and planning to continue to struggle against false solutions like carbon trading.


Real solutions to climate change are available, for instance reducing consumption, improving energy efficiency, choosing sustainable locally-produced food, and switching to clean, green power. We, take action together to build a new society and transform the current unjust and unsustainable economic system. This is the only chance we have of being heard and stopping the further decline of the world’s climate and the possibility of catastrophic climate change.


Take action online now!

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