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Solidarity with the victims in the resistance against agribusiness in Argentina

by admin — last modified Jan 07, 2013 05:37 PM

Friends of the Earth International, the world's largest federation of grassroots environmental groups, expresses its solidarity with the families of Cristian Ferreyra and Miguel Galván, members of the Peasant Movement of Santiago del Estero (MOCASE), and to all who support the fight against the advance of agribusiness in Argentina.


Cristian was 25 when he was killed on 16 November 2011 by leaders of armed gangs in association with soy agribusiness corporations, who systematicaly threaten communities that resist the expansion of soybean. Miguel was killed on October 10, 2012 at the hands of assassins in the service of agribusiness corporations that grab land disputed with peasant-indigenous territories.

We condemn the impunity and unjustice of both murders, as well as the evictions and illegal clearing that is carried out daily, and the suffering of the peasants and indigenous people that defend and guard their birthplaces, generation after generation.

We denounce the interference of transnational corporations with people's sovereignty, and the complicity of public officials with them, who would pave their way while violating the human rights of their compatriots.

We support the demand of our member group Friends of the Earth Argentina, to the national and provincial governments of Argentina, to be aware of the reality of indigenous peasant families, to protect their lands and support their production, knowing that this means banning logging, evictions and the advance of agribusiness corporations. Consequently we expect the government to urgently approve the law to stop evictions, known as "Cristian Ferreyra".

We will continue the construction of a world where justice and solidarity prevails, and from all corners of the world we will send messages of courage to the people of the province of Santiago del Estero. Its strength is that of all the peoples who are resisting the advance of this unsustainable and unfair model.

In solidarity,

Friends of the Earth International

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