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You are here: Home / What we do / corporate capture
Corporate capture is the influence of companies on public institutions, for example by lobbying. This campaign aims to expose the corporate strategies to manipulate governments and public institutions and highlight how this works against the public interest.. 

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Reclaim the UN from corporate capture!
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We are very concerned about the growing influence of big corporations and business lobby groups within the UN, through government delegations, and in multilateral negotiations. Read the Friends of the Earth Report 'Reclaim the UN from corporate capture'

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File AGRA’s Technology Push in Africa
Friends of the Earth International describes the flaws with the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), a programme largely funded by the Bill Gates Foundation. This commentary argues that AGRA's corporate agenda risks compounding the problems it aims to solve. The Foundation's programmes may marginalize the vital role of women in traditional societies and lift control of seeds and farm management from community to corporate level.
File Nature is not for sale
An overview of what happens when you treat nature as a commodity, who is responsible and why it needs to stop. Also available in French and Spanish on the website of Amis de la Tierre
File Reclaim the UN from corporate capture
As the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) turns 20, there are real concerns about the increasing influence of major corporations and business lobby groups within the UN.
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