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world vs bank: a public hearing

Convened by the World Bank Campaign Europe, under the auspices of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, 15 October 2007 to provide a forum to assess the performance of the World Bank in the last 15 years.

world vs bank: a public hearing - Read More…

non agricultural market access

Governments including Japan, Korea, Mexico and the United States are planning to use new World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations to dismantle a wide range of national laws protecting the environment, social well-being and health. Legislation covering food, fisheries, timber and petroleum production, energy efficiency, chemical testing, recycling and standards in the electronics and automobile industries have all been raised as potential barriers to trade under the Non- Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) negotiations.

non agricultural market access - Read More…

The European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank is a public bank that many have not heard of, though this is slowly changing. Each year the EIB lends far more than the better-known World Bank. The EIB finances projects in environmentally and socially sensitive areas like fossil fuels and transport, without the clear guidelines or standards used by other banks.

The European Investment Bank - Read More…

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