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calls for urgent action from world leaders ahead of G20 summit

by PhilLee — last modified Apr 01, 2009 02:40 PM
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Thousands of protesters descended on European cities calling for green jobs, fair distribution of wealth and climate issues to be addressed by the G20 leaders.

foe ewni demoThe first of the protests took place on March 28 when 35,000 people marched for jobs, justice and climate with the 'Put People First' coalition of which Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland (EWNI) is a founding member. As part of their involvement, EWNI arranged for several climate activists to speak at the rally, including Biana Jagger, Tony Juniper and Father Joe Komakom. They spoke powerfully and eloquently about the urgency of the climate crisis and the impact of climate change on the poorest people in the world.




There were additional protests from Friends of the Earth member groups across Europe, including actions in France and Belgium under the name 'We Won't Pay for Your Crisis'.


Friends of the Earth International strongly supports the coalition's call for a fair, sustainable route out of recession and for an economy based on fair distribution of wealth, decent jobs for all and a low carbon future. The G20 summit was a meeting of the world's leaders which aimed to agree coordinated action to address the current economic crisis, as well as a blueprint for future reform of the world financial system. We demand that world leaders break with the failed policies of the past and embrace a new system that seeks to make the economy work for people and the planet.


finance and climate march parisWhilst the G20 summit itself was hugely disappointing – the world’s leaders failing to take any significant action to address climate change, the continuing global financial crisis and its impact on some of the poorest people in the world –  throughout the UK's G20 presidency EWNI will continue to call for real action on green jobs, and economic and climate justice.


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Photos: Protesters from Friends of the Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland in London. In Paris people impersonate bankers in offshore tax havens while others march through the streets.

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