May 26, 2009

end corporate dominance in the eu

by PhilLee — last modified May 26, 2009 04:28 PM
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The European Parliament elections will take place from 4-7 June. Now is the time to call on your MP to stop the corporate lobby's influence on EU policies.

EU corporate powerCurrently, more than 15,000 professional lobbyists are present within the halls of the EU institutions, a large majority of these representing business interests.  Many of these corporate lobbyists are being granted privileged access to EU-decision-makers, often resulting in delaying, weakening or blocking urgently needed progress on social, environmental and consumer protection regulation.  


The Commission’s existing voluntary lobbying register is inadequate: most lobbyists have not registered or fail to provide crucial information such as the names of individual lobbyists, what issues they lobby on, and how much money is involved in their lobbying operation.  Moreover, the current laws do not address the influence of lobbyists over EU decision-making and raise serious concerns over the EU’s impartiality and democratic principle.

European citizens need to know who is influencing EU decision-making and how much money is involved.  For the sake of democracy and transparency, it is essential to create a mandatory lobby register to which all lobbyists have to sign up and that gives clear information on the interests represented and how much money is involved.

We need strong Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) ready to fight for the ambitious social and environmental policy targets we know we need. In order to put corporate interests in their place, lobbying transparency and high ethical standards for EU policy makers are essential.

Take action now! 

EU readers should go to Friends of the Earth Europe's Election Campaign Website and ask their parliamentary candidate to end corporate dominance in the EU today.


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