May 26, 2011

FoE Europe produce spoof publication for the European Business Summit

by PhilLee — last modified May 26, 2011 01:01 PM

Friends of the Earth Europe has produced a spoof newspaper ‘European Noise’ to highlight the baseless and irresponsible lobby influence of BusinessEurope against climate action.

Lets flare - shell spoof adCampaigners singled out prominent EU lobby group and summit organiser, BusinessEurope, for blocking ambitious climate action. BusinessEurope presents itself as the voice of the business  community when in fact it favours the most polluting industries and  denies there are economic benefits for Europe of early action against climate change.

Friends of the Earth is calling on European policy-makers to reject the skewed arguments of BusinessEurope.

Sonja Meister, climate campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe, said:


“BusinessEurope has been resisting tougher emission reduction targets and obstructing the climate action we desperately need. BusinessEurope speaks on behalf of the most polluting sectors of industry and ignores its members which have realised ambitious climate policies can be good  for our economy and create millions of jobs. BusinessEurope is pushing  Europe into the role of laggard in the fight against climate change and  decision-makers should stop accepting their arguments.”

The European Business Summit is Brussels' biggest lobby forum and is attended by business leaders and prominent EU decision-makers. This year ten European Commissioners, including Commission President Barroso, will participate. The theme of the event is ‘Europe in the world: leading or lagging?’.

Summit organisers claim, ‘EU decision-makers should put companies first for Europe to maintain a leading position in the world’. Friends of the  Earth Europe believes that it is exactly this approach that is fuelling the climate crisis, and has led to Europe’s most severe financial crisis in the last 80 years.


Read European Noise here