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G8 2008: futile rhetoric on climate change

by SisiNutt — last modified Dec 09, 2008 12:40 PM
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The G8, consisting of the most powerful countries of the world, gathered this week on Hokkaido, Japan to discuss issues such as rising oil prices and global warming.

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Friends of the Earth International believes that the G8’s final communiqué regarding their action on climate change is futile rhetoric. It will do nothing to stop the toll that global warming is taking on people and the planet.


FoEI's Joseph Zacune reports from Japan:

zacune'The bad news about the G8 outcomes, is that we are doomed if the G8 countries’ proposals become reality. The outcomes of this G8 were even worse than the usual vacuous, largely symbolic previous G8 circuses – that are held behind increasingly well-fortified closed doors. This year, the World Bank has used the G8 to launch its multi-billion climate funds, backed by the UK, US and Japan. These funds are problematic for several reasons.'

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'The good news is: there increasing resistance to these proposals from global civil society and from developing countries. This was reflected in the G5 declaration of Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, India, China. The declaration affirms the G8’s historical responsibility to reduce emissions. Activists present here in Japan feel certain that next year's G8 gathering in Italy will see hundreds of thousands of peoples going to the streets calling for it to be the last G8 meeting.'




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