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non agricultural market access

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Governments including Japan, Korea, Mexico and the United States are planning to use new World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations to dismantle a wide range of national laws protecting the environment, social well-being and health. Legislation covering food, fisheries, timber and petroleum production, energy efficiency, chemical testing, recycling and standards in the electronics and automobile industries have all been raised as potential barriers to trade under the Non- Agricultural Market Access (NAMA) negotiations.

Should governments succeed in eliminating these non-tariff barriers' they would undo a wealth of legislation designed and implemented to protect people and their environment around the world.



EU uses WTO to blackmail developing nations

Full scale of WTO challenge to health and environment revealed (press release 24 May 05).

Environmental laws lined up for removal by new trade talks (press release 18 April 05).

Trade negotiations threat to environment and development: new FoEI briefing on NAMA (pdf, 540kb).

wto deal endangers environment, development
e.u. and u.s. demanded high price for empty concessions

FoEI's Analysis of Notifications of Non-tariff barriers in Non-agricultural Market Access (NAMA) negotiations of the WTO can be viewed at: (in spanish)
and the Database of Selected Notifications which can be viewed at: (use this to search the database) (use this to print the database)
Environmental laws lined up for removal: Analysis of Notifications of Non Tariff Barriers in Trade Talks
New! website NAMA Watch

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