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You are here: Home / What we do / finance and climate change

finance and climate change


Money and climate change are inextricably linked in many ways. On the one hand money fuels climate change:  The dominant political economic model drives climate change through the global competition for energy and other resources, and the degradation of the environment and human rights – which in turn reduced human and ecological resilience to climate change. On the other hand lack of money inhibits the global creation of low carbon societies and grassroots resilience: There is also a real and urgent need for reparation of the climate debt which is an element of the wider ecological debt.


We cannot continue to favour a few rich elites over the impoverished majority, which brings with it the unsustainable exploitation of natural heritage, the commodification of life, the privatization of public services, and the control of production and trade systems by a few powerful transnational corporations. FoEI believes that building peoples' sovereignty in its diverse dimensions provides valuable spaces to explore alternatives by challenging the business-as-usual scenario.


Promoting economic processes as alternatives to the neo-liberal model implies building and creating new democratic structures, systems and processes that strengthen local markets and cultures, consumers' and producers' cooperatives, solidarity economies and alternative financial mechanisms.



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