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The Meso American Forum against Agribusiness, El Salvador

by PhilLee — last modified Jun 16, 2010 10:16 AM

This June the first Forum Against Agribusiness and for the Peoples’ Sovereignty of Meso America, was held in El Salvador over two days. The forum reached the overwhelming conclusion that the capitalist system needs to be dismantled.

agrofuels-forum-el-salvadorThe Forum was organized by the World March of Women, La Via Campesina and Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean.


The social movements agreed that their most “urgent and important” task is to change the capitalist model that has led to the disappearance of human kind, as soon as possible.


"That paradigm will destroy us and we are running out of time", said Ricardo Navarro of CESTA / Friends of the Earth El Salvador at the closing event. “In order to face this challenge of changing the paradigm we will have to understand that the planet is more than a home you have to keep clean”. For that reason Navarro says that the ancestral vision that compares the earth with a mother is more accurate.


At the end of the event the social movements issued a joint declaration expressing their support for food and energy sovereignty, the right and access to drinking water for all, GM free and transnational corporations free territories. They expressed their rejection to militarization, criminalization and violence against women, metal mining, dams, land grabbing, monoculture plantations, agrofuels, agrotoxics, and junk food.


agrofuels-forum-el-salvador-2They agreed that it is not possible to change the current system without destroying the old model. The only way to break with the structure of this terror and death regime, they said, is through alliances, the promotion of a real and true land reform and food sovereignty, with the conviction that peasant farming is the only path to cool the planet.


“Only together and united are we to create new forms of livelihood, solidarity, sustainability and sovereignty, and build alternatives for the peoples and by the peoples with Mother Earth for good lving and for the common goods of our territories”, concludes the declaration.



Watch a short documentary in Spanish featuring coverage from the forum here:
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