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Sign up to the Nyéléni Newsletter

by PhilLee — last modified Dec 08, 2010 02:40 PM
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In recent years, hundreds of organisations and movements have been engaged in struggles, activities, and various kinds of work to defend and promote the right of people to Food Sovereignty around the world. Many of these organizations were present in the Nyéléni Forum 2007 and feel part of a broader Food Sovereignty Movement, that considers the Nyéléni declaration as its political platform. The Nyéléni Newsletter wants to be the voice of this international movement.

 Nyéléni newsletter banner - englishFollowing the International Forum on Food Sovereignty held in Mali in February 2007, the social movements that brought this initiative to life created a tool for communication and exchange in order to continue the fight for food sovereignty and to defend the interests of disadvantaged groups such as small-scale farmers, fisherfolk, indigenous peoples and those living from pastoralism. The situation of these groups continues to deteriorate due to the ongoing assaults of an increasingly inhuman capitalism.


A new wave of landgrabbing can now be added to the problems of our times, a reality which the World Bank seeks to legitimize in its latest report. It is therefore urgent and critical for social movements to regroup and to strengthen our alliances in order to deal with the offensive of neoliberalism, unprecedented in the history of mankind. This newsletter aims to bring a small stone to the edifice of resistance that will be built to counteract transnational corporations, the World Bank and their allies. We urge all organisations and all movements committed to the struggle for food sovereignty to embark with us on this journey.


The newsletter will be published every two months and is available on the Nyéléni website.


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